The Start of Something New

Thumbs up to me for my first post!

My name is Paisley, I’m a 19 year old student from Ontario, Canada and I have severe anxiety. My whole life I’ve been trying not to let my anxiety define me, but it recently occurred to me that after 19 years of trying to make this thing go away, it won’t. So why not embrace it? That seems to be a trend lately anyways, embracing past tragedies, scars, and physical illnesses, so why shouldn’t we start embracing our mental illness as well? My anxiety is part of what makes me, me so I’ve decided to stop being ashamed of it and just accept it. I’ve tried so hard to stop worrying, and overthinking that I’ve started worrying about my worrying and overthinking about the amount that I overthink. Not only is it confusing, it also takes up too much of my time. So instead of trying to stop the effects of my anxiety, I’m saying “C’est la vie” because that’s my life and I refuse to waste another minute trying to be someone that I’m not just because society doesn’t think it’s normal to worry about everything from what my life will be like when I’m 90 to, if my dog really loves me or if he fakes it just to eat my food. So I’m starting this blog to share with all of you (or none of you if no one reads this) my life and experiences with anxiety!

Much love



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